Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bobbin Lace 12 Month Challenge: Idria Lace - July Results and Technique

The piece of Idria lace is finished in July. The lace is from a book "Idria Lace" by Bridget M. Cook and Metka Tratnik. The design is called "Ikebana".
Duration: 14 days
Number of bobbins: 6-11 pairs
Thread: Idria cotton 40, white (from CipkeMojca)

In addition to Idria techniques described in my previous post, I would like to highlight few specific Slovenian lace elements that were used in the design:

- "slince" -  a tape made with 8 pairs. Here it is used in four petals of the central flower:

- flower with plait. It is made first by forming a plait ring, to which flower petals are then attached with a crochet hook. This design has three small flowers in this technique:

- narrow tape lace made of cloth stitch with 6 pairs. This tape is used in all stems:


Образец кружева Идрии закончен в июле. Сколок взят из книги "Idria Lace" авторов Bridget M. Cook и Metka Tratnik. Рисунок называется "Икебана".

Время исполнения: 14 дней
Количество коклюшек: 6 - 11 пар
Материалы: хлопок Idria 40, белый (от производителя CipkeMojca)

В дополнение к описанию техник кружева Идрии из моего предыдущего поста, я хочу рассказать о нескольких элементах словенского кружева используемых в этом рисунке:

 - "slince" - тесемка выполненная на восьми парах. Здесь она использована в четырех лепестках центрального цветка.

- цветок с плетешком. Вначале делается маленькое колечко из плетешка, к которому впоследствии присоединяют лепестки при помощи крючка. Все лепестки образованны единой вилюшкой. В данном рисунке три маленьких цветка выполнены в этой технике.

- узкая тесемка выполняется полотнянкой на шести парах. Тесемка использована при плетении стебельков.


  1. Hi Olga, I was gifted my great grandmother's bobbins. I'm very grateful yet nervous to try lacing. Do you have any tips for a beginner? Thanks, Joanne

    1. Hi Joanne! You have a very special gift and it is great that you have intension to try it!
      If it would be your first acquaintance with bobbins, I would recommend to find lacemaker who can show you basic movements and tricks. There might be local lacemakers association at your place. Or you can check International Lacemakers Organization - If there is no one around, it is worth to consider some 3-5 day intensive course. Of cause there is a lot of videos on YouTube and almost every book for beginners contains detailed instructions with pictures. But I think that such tactile skill as lacemaking needs in person introduction, at least for the first basic steps.

      Or may be you already have some knowledge?